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Heather Hinton Family LawHeather Hinton
Criminal Defense Attorney & Family Law

Heather Hinton has made legal benefits available for her clients and the community. She has attained a Juris Doctorate in the study of law and is licensed in California. Heather Hinton takes cases related to DUI charges, drug offenses, domestic violence, theft crimes, violent felonies, traffic violations and misdemeanors. She uses case law to argue the intricacies of each case individually and uses every opportunity to fight the case.

“Making an impact on people and their case has a profound effect on me and has become a life goal. Seeing the effectiveness of applying the law to help my clients is a remarkable reward to me as well as my client.” She said, she spends her time and listens to client explanations and details of the case in order to apply the laws effectively.

Heather Hinton has set up her office in the Victorville location in San Bernardino.

You can easily be able to schedule by text or phone call at  442-600-4659.
Hours of practice are: Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm.

Law Office of Heather Hinton
14338 Park Avebue, Suite 3

Tel: (442) 600-4659