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Expungement is a process under California law that releases a convict from further consequences relating to their conviction. If you have been convicted in a California court of a misdemeanor or felony, you can petition for expungement provided that; The defendant has completed their probation as prescribed and, the defendant was not incarcerated in state prison for the offense. Statues and Laws are always being revised and re-written so be wise and select an attorney that stays abreast of current requirements for expungement.


Benefits of Expungement


AB 1008 prohibits business owners from questioning an applicant for employment about a criminal record either through or in the interview process. They can make inquires on this matter only after a job offer has been tendered. Expungement can also stop criminal inquiry even after the offer of employment. Applicants that have proceeded with expungement prior to their employment application receive release from “all penalties and disabilities” as a result of a conviction.


Why can’t I petition for Expungement?


If you are currently charged with a criminal offense or serving out probation. If you are serving for a criminal conviction you will also excluded from the possibility of expungement. There are some crimes that are outside the bounds of expungement. Sex crimes involving minors would be an example. California Expungement Law (PC 1203.4)

One of the major benefits of a PC 1203.4 expungement is the help it provides when searching for employment.
If you have fulfilled the obligations set forth by the court as directed in you conviction, and in so paid your social responsibility, there is no reason to retain prejudicial records. Especially when these records have no bearing on your current pursuits and stand in the way of taking charge and improving your life.

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