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Probation Hearing

If you have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor and subsequently sentenced to probation you are obligated to meet exactly those demands set forth by the court. When you fail to meet these demands, the court will seek to take action that will include a hearing and possible a bench warrant for your arrest.
You will be required to attend a probation violation hearing. At this hearing the court will determine; (1) Revoke probation. (2) Change the conditions of probation. (3) Reinstate probation with its current conditions. If probation is revoked, then this will likely result in incarceration.


California penal code 1203 PC

, states that probation is a sentence that is supervised and may be imposed in lieu of a jail. Furthermore conditions are attached. Electronic monitoring, restitution, employment, public service, and drug screening are all likely conditions of probation. If you do not meet any conditions set for in your sentence, you will face a probation violation hearing.
There are always reasons that probation should and will be revoked. There are also good reasons that the court should look closely at events that may have led up to a violation. That is why you need to retain an experienced attorney that will give you the opportunity to present your circumstances clearly with credibility.

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